Sunday, 5 April 2009

La Femme Earrings

It certainly has been a L O N G time since I last updated My Trinket Trove. The reason for this? A little bub's impending arrival! Here's a sneak peak at my growing bump! hehe

But I've not been too slack either, although its definite that my pace of crafting has definitely slowed down thanks in part to pregnancy hormones that seem to sap most of my energy. Also, priorities and spare time have definitely shifted to getting ready for the little one's arrival (there really is so much to prepare!).

So here's a few pieces that I've done up so far, pretty feminine ones. Long overdue for posting and I'm finally getting around to doing that before I go on maternity leave very soon!
See you all in a couple of months, once I've adjusted to mommy-hood!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Sneaks of My Japan Goodies

As a request from one of my customers, here are a few sneak pics of some of the goodies I bought on my recent trip to Japan. I've been too busy lately to be able to find the time to indulge in the creative process of piecing together new designs from my new stash of materials. But she was eager to see what's available, so here they are...

These floral pieces come in a variety of hues, each is about the size of a 5-cent coin

Same floral pieces as the above ones

Striking black floral designs, larger than the ones above

Heart shaped petals on pretty floral pendants

Gorgeous tear shaped Swarovski crystals (Note: all are of the same size, they appear otherwise due to the angle that I took the pic as the crystals are lying towards one side)

Gorgeous tear shaped Swarovski crystals (Note: all are of the same size, they appear otherwise due to the angle that I took the pic as the crystals are lying towards one side)

Gorgeous square shaped Swarovski crystals in various hues of different sizes. Top Row - Large size Second & Third Row - Small size
(Note: they appear otherwise due to the angle that I took the pic as the crystals are lying towards one side)

Gorgeous Oval shaped and Emerald shaped Swarovski crystals in pink and light amethyst

Note: Each of the above pieces come in very limited quantity (quite a few are one-off pieces). I have got metal clasps/settings for all the Swarovski crytals to enable them to be made into dangling earrings. They can also be made into rings, but this is subject to availability of the metal clasps for rings. Please contact me if you have any queries or special requests.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Les Fleur Collection

Hello again! I'm back from my "hiatus" and its time for an overdued post. The trip to Japan was fantastic, and the best part is I bought lots of lovely goodies there! Unfortunately, I've not had much time to work on them, but here's a sneak of just three of the lovelies in my stash of goodies from Japan.

Its a floral collection, plenty of various hues of pretty flowers. I fell in love with all the various designs available and like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to get ALL of them! Haha. This is just a few of the designs so far, till I am able to find more time to work on the rest. The multi-coloured pendant with matching earrings is a Xmas pressie for my dear Aunt who loves baubles. I think she's feeling pretty chuffed with her pressie :) (ya, I decided to give it to her earlier, cos I figured she will probably want to wear them asap! hehe) The black fleur earrings are sure to come in handy for any Xmas party do this year end! :)

Les Fleur Multi-Hue Pendant

Les Fleur Multi-Hue Earrings

Les Fleur (Black) Earrings

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Konichiwa to the Land of the Rising Sun

And so the countdown nears its goal, another 6 more days and the hubs and I will be in the land of the rising sun! This long awaited holiday is finally coming and we are so looking forward to stuffing our faces silly with OISHI! Osaka and Kyoto cuisine. Not to mention all the fabulous sightseeing and shopping that awaits!

Of course I'll be taking this opportunity to visit the bead shops there. I can't wait! *rubbing hands in glee* There is much more variety for bead stuff in Japan and the stuff sold there is really pretty (but with even more beautiful price tags! ;p)

Sayonara for now....

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Allure Necklace

Allure - that was what I felt when I first laid eyes on these quirky yet pretty semi-precious Cherry Quartz stones. These unique nugget shaped stones are so interesting as they are not flat but wavy in texture (see 2nd picture which shows the waves more clearly). In addition, the colours and texture of each stone is different and all these combine to make them so special and give it some character. Isn't Nature simply amazing to create something like that?

The necklace design is kept simple to allow the Cherry Quartz to take centerstage. The different colours as well as the different tones of the hues come together beautifully to contrast well with the 14k plated gold chain that is stringing them together for that classy and chic look.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Shades of Grey Bracelet

These glass beads are quite interesting - they are sort of half "shaded" in a blackish-grey colour (these bit reflect quite a bit of light as seen above) with the other half transparent like a crystal. The effect of different tones in black/grey makes it look really striking especially when paired with the 14k gold plated hoops. The dual strand effect gives it more "weight", without being too chunky. A touch of glam, perfect for that night out on the town!

Charmed by Shells

Charmed by Shells Necklace - this simple Red Agate shell shaped semi-precious stone hangs as a simple solitary pendant on a 14k gold plated chain. Simple yet stylish! Notice the subtle wave-like layering effect on the shell, how pretty and unique!

Charmed by Shells Bracelet - Red Agate shell shaped semi-precious stone hangs as a charm from a 14k gold plated chain. Accompanied by a 14k gold plated cute butterfly charm and Swarovski Crystal pearl.

I took a real liking to these lovely semi-precious Red Agate shells. Aren't they simply beautiful? They have such a lovely texture, no two are the same (thank you Mother Nature!) and its so interesting how you can actually see the different layers and colours caused by the different areas in which these semi-precious stones are mined. Apparently those ones with visible "layering" are formed under sea/water, and the pressure over time has resulted in the beautiful layers of different colours in the stones. I only wish the pictures did them more justice!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bag a Charm!

This post is a bit late, but hey, better late than never right? Be charmed by these bunch of bag charms.... the perfect accessory to add a dash of style to your bags!

Mini Lux Bag Charm - a really stylish and versatile colour combination

Kiddy Love Bag Charm - mixture of charms and beads in happy colours

Seashells & Pearls Bag Charm - a real classy adornement for your bag

Pearl Luxe Bag Charm - a luxed-up Pearly version of Mini Luxe, using a mixture of large Swarovski Crystal Pearls and small Czech Glass Pearls

I Love Paris! Bag Charm - cute Eiffle Tower charm, Arc de Triomphe charm and PARIS charm, with a mixture of crystal pearls and glass beads

Maxi Luxe Bag Charm - a super luxed up version of the Mini Luxe, this one is sure to get noticed! (At the base of each bead is a Swarovski crystal)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Madame Butterfly Charm Bracelet & Le Noir Bracelet (grey version)

Tonight was the first time I have met up a "walk-in" customer to deliver orders. And it was such a heart warming experience. :)

Lovely Suz had fallen in love with My Favourite Things Charm Bracelet and my Le Noir series. However, as My Fav Things was a customised order for a friend and no longer available, I offered to custom make her own fav things charm bracelet. She readily accepted and requested for a butterfly-themed bracelet. The result is Madame Butterfly below.

Madame Butterfly Charm Bracelet (dual strand) - special custom-made order for lovely Suz who has a soft spot for butterflies and the colour grey!

As for the Le Noir series, I customised the necklace for her to become a choker. As for the bracelet, due to my sheer laziness, I had neglected to post the grey version of Le Noir, hence Suz had ordered the cream version not aware there was actually another colour available. However, I had come to know that grey was one of her favourite colours when she had asked me to design Madame Butterfly charm bracelet for her. Hence, I brought along the grey version of Le Noir tonight, in case she would prefer it over the cream version. And she did.

Le Noir Bracelet (grey version) - neglected to post this version earlier, due to my laziness and procrastination skills!! Has now found a home with the lovely Suz :)

Thanks so much for your trust in me to design Madame Butterfly for you Suz! I hope you enjoy wearing all your pieces as much as I did making them! It was really such a pleasure meeting you! :)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

New Batch of Charm Bracelets!

As you can probably tell, I'm working my way through my collection by catergory of pieces. Now, its time for the charm bracelets (which I've sadly neglected to post till now!) to shine...

My Favourite Things (customised order - dual strand charm bracelet)
Ingredients: 14k gold plated chains, lobster clasp and various charms, Swarovski Crystal Pearls and glass pearls

Nature's Rose (dual strand charm bracelet)
Ingredients: 14k gold plated chains and lobster clasp, various charms and Czech glass beads

Cupid Strikes!
Adorable Cupid strikes Gingerbread Boy and Gingerbread Girl, finished with a fitting heart-shaped toggle clasp (14k gold plated)

Forest Pickings
Assorted glass beads in various shapes and colours paired with 14k gold plated charms, chain and interesting leaf toggle clasp. A lovely piece that can be easily matched with anything in your wardrobe!

Lady of Leisure
Adorable "Born to Shop" and bikini charm paired with maple leaf and a Fleur de Lis charm contrast against colourful glass/acrylic beads in playful colours, finished off with a pretty "regal" toggle clasp!

My Fair Lady (dual strand charm bracelet)
A bevy of pretty charms (fancy key, cute handbag, sparkling shoe, intricate fan and a lady's mirror) paired with classy Swarovski Crystal Pearls, finished off with 14k gold plated lovely "regal" toggle clasp and gold chains

Carrie in Paris!
For fans of Sex & The City, this charm bracelet needs no introduction at all. Who didn't feel the slightest tinge of saddness when Carrie decided to ship out of the Big Apple (and away from Big!) and move across the transatlantic to Paris with Aleksandre? This little charmer is my tribute to this wonderful show that has kept women glued to their TV sets for 6 long seasons! Kudos ladies! (P.S. I'm working on other SATC themed pieces.... look out for them!)

Earrings - Second post of two!

Here's the second post of the earrings I've been meaning to upload but keep putting off! Enjoy!

Ruby Twinkle
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal teardrop and stud, 14k plated gold hoops and hooks

Purple Twinkle
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal teardrop, Cubic Zirconia stud, 14k gold plated hoops and hooks

Green Foliage
Ingredients: Swarovski Crystals in various shapes and colours, 14k gold plated foliage charm and hooks

Scent of a Woman version II
Ingredients: 14k gold plated EDT charm (instead of the original version using a Parfum bottle), hoops and hooks, Cherry Quartz semi-precious stones, various Czech glass beads, glass pearls and freshwater pearls

Dancing Butterflies
Ingredients: Swarvoski Crystal teardrops and Butteflies, 14k gold plated hoops, chain and hooks

Earrings - First post of two!

Started combing through the earrings I have made and I realised I have been way behind in posting them up. Guess that's the problem when I procrastinate doing something! Anyways, here they are - me playing catch up finally! First post of two!

Sea Shell Sunset
Ingredients: 14k gold plated hoops, hooks and oyster charm, Yellow Aventurine semi-precious stone, Swarovski crystals and various other glass beads/glass pearls

Green With Envy Earrings
Ingredients: Green Aventurine semi-precious teardrop stones with 14k gold plated filigree and hooks

Fushia Attraction
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals in Baroque and Buttefly shapes, 14k gold plated filigree and hooks

Green Dazzlers
Ingredients: Green Aventurine semi-precious teardrop stone, Swarovski crystal connector and 14k gold plated metal hoop and hooks

Topaz Dazzlers
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal teardrop and connector, 14k gold plated hoop and hooks

Dancing Butterflies
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals in Butterfly shape, 14k gold plated filigree and hooks

I'm A Star!
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals in Starfish and Bicone shapes, 14k gold plated filigree and hooks

Sweet Temptation
Ingredients: Swarovski cyrstals in Baroque and Bicone shapes, 14k gold plated filigree and hooks